Paul Wolf

Fitness Coach
Paul Wolf


Motto: “Carpe Diem”
I have been in and out of the gym most of my life. I was primarily a weight lifter, I worked with and without a partner with varying results. I found an appreciation for group HIIT classes and Yoga at my prior gym. Compound Fitness was an immediate HITT with me. (see what I did there).
I have been 10 pounds overweight and 70 pounds overweight, I have tried many ways to lose weight, from Weight Watchers to Keto.
I feel like I have a working knowledge of the body and of fitness techniques, I like to talk fitness, exchange stories and hear about what other people do to stay active, people motivate me when I see them giving their all. I hope to help people in their journey, especially beginners, by sharing what I have learned, my successes and failures.
My hope is to help people realize that fitness is an enjoyable lifestyle,not a destination. I believe we need to create balance in our lives and make better decisions about our health as often as possible. I will maintain an active lifestyle to ensure quality of life as I age.To summarize Newton’s first law of motion, “An object (body) at rest stays at rest, an object (body) in motion stays in motion.”

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