Megan Deem

Intern & L1 Trainer
Megan Deem


Megan reached out to us for an opportunity to coach during her time out this way for school (she is from Cinci). After getting to know Megan more, she shared with Paris and I has dreams of owning her own gym one day as well. Of course, in the spirit of KAIZEN .. we love to hear someone seeking GROWTH and OPPORTUNITY and could not wait to help be that resource for Megan.
Megan is CrossFit L1 certified, she is a kickass student who graduated Summa Cum from HS, and is working towards impacting others lives the way that health & fitness continues to help her. She has a big heart, and has already grown so much in her own fitness journey. Something she shared with me is “She wants to be the person that people can depend on to help them along their fitness journey with zero judgement”.
I’m sure Megan would love to share with yall on her story of why she got into fitness, so feel free to ask her when you meet her!
As far as getting to know Megan more, here are some of her favorite things: Deadlifting, Kayaking, Hiking and her fav food is Sushi!!
Welcome Megan!

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