Amanda Wolf

Co Owner/ Community Developer/ Nutrition Guide
Amanda Wolf


  • Whole30 Certified


  • Bachelors of Science


I was a competitive cheerleader growing up.. from the age 7 to 18. I had several coaches that impacted me, trained me, and pushed me to be great. I remember all of them, individually, for what they each contributed in my journey. After graduating high school… there really wasn’t anything quite like the team atmosphere I once had… There also wasn’t the same conditioning routine that I was once used
I would say I truly started my fitness journey in college when I was unhappy in my body. It started with 2 to 3 workouts at the rec and then turned into me spending my time at planet fitness 4 times a week… chipping away at my weight loss goals at the time. I always found myself to invite others to come work out with me and each time I did I notice I would take the lead and instruct us on our workout of the day. It always filled my cup to be able to share that experience with whoever join me for the day. I remember when I came across group training for the first time, it definitely crossed my mind how excited I was to be part of a group again.. i love the feeling of comradery and unity. I remember thinking that I hope I can achieve great physical health and fitness so that maybe I could one day inspire others and impact others the way that I have been impacted.
Of course joining the Compound Fitness team has given me the opportunity to touch so many lives and be a part of so many fitness journeys. My own, and many others, being a true testament of what following a fitness regiment can really do. I remember starting from day one… And thinking how can I even get through 45 seconds of work without stopping and now to know that I have broken so many records and PR‘s of my own achievements, all the milestones that I’ve completed, and how unstoppable my work ethic as grown to.
I am passionate to coach you all, because I truly walk the talk. I understand the trials and tribulations you may be experiencing. I can still remember my first day and the fears that I had in my head. I remember the hardships I had to overcome and The setbacks I experience. I know what it feels like to be a human and want to experience balance in your life while also still reaching your goals. The small little changes that I’ve made each day to get to where I am… I hope to give to you all.
I see all of you hustling and getting after it at the gym and I want to help influence you to reach your full potential.
so here is what you can expect from my coaching style… I am the coach that will encourage you to keep going when your mind tells you that you should stop. I am the coach that will push you to limits you didn’t believe you could do! I am the coach that will listen to your fears or worries, and work with you on how to overcome. I am the coach that you can 100% count on to show up with a positive and can do attitude so that you can do the same  
I truly want to see you all succeed and reach all that you desire. I am blessed for the opportunity to coach & I look forward to being a piece of your journey that can impact you for a lifetime.


If you were stranded on a desert island what are 3 items you would bring?
If I was on a deserted island & could only bring 3 items of my choice, I would bring my journal, a pocket knife to prepare food/build shelter, and the band Mumford & Sons so they could play live music & teach me their harmonious ways.
What is your favorite workout exercise?
My favorite exercise is the deadlift because I love feeling strong and pushing my body to limits I didn’t know I was capable of!

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